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Buying Skis @ aussieskier


From the ‘straight’ skis of years ago, through to today’s modern ski shapes, the team at aussieskier has experienced it all. We witnessed the change in ski design first hand - 20 back to back Winters as ski instructors ensured that - and this has put us in the unique position of really being able to understand how skiers of different abilities ski varying terrain and therefore recommend suitable skis for the individual.

We participate in not only the Australian Ski Test days but also the North American Ski Tests and the European Ski Tests (it’s a good excuse to travel!) to ensure we can say we’ve skied every ski we stock. Mens and women's, beginner to expert, we try and jump on as many skis as possible to get the best understanding of what will, and won’t work for our customers. We won’t let you walk out the door with the wrong ski, and will be honest if we think there’s a better option out there for you.

Everyone at aussieskier skis differently. Depending on the day you might find us carving early morning corduroy, skiing the steeps, camping in the backcountry, or playing in the terrain park. Our experience and enjoyment in the various forms of skiing, we believe, gives us the ability and expertise needed to recommend skis for all types of skiers.

Need help choosing a ski?

We don’t know how you ski. But we know how the skis ski.

There are a million and one factors that go into a selecting the right ski. Suggesting a ski without an understanding of these factors would be doing you a disservice. That’s why we like to tease out as much information as possible before making a recommendation.

If you are local, before you come to visit us at our Melbourne showroom it can be useful to think about the following to help us get started:

  • How would you describe your skiing?
  • Where and which resorts you’ll be using your new skis?
  • How many years have you been skiing?
  • How many days do you ski a year?
  • What kind of terrain you usually ski?

If you can’t make it in to see us, no worries, work your way through our questionnaire and our experts will help you narrow down the selection of skis so you can make an informed choice.

Our Range of Skis

Our ski wall has been carefully curated with the customer in mind. Specifically offering the skis in each category that we find to perform the best for their targeted use.

Our range includes skis of all sorts, carving skis that lay trenches down the iciest of mountains, all-mountain skis designed to conquer everything in their path, floaty powder skis that will make your trip to Japan one to remember, as well as women's and kids specific models.

Skis are fairly useless without bindings, that’s why we offer great value on ski and binding packages. Combined with free binding mounting and shipping, you won’t get stung after your purchase by hidden costs.

Not sure what length to go for? How wide is too wide? Need help picking the right ski?

Whether its your first ski purchase, or your 3rd pair of a quiver. Our buyers guide has been written in order to point you in the right direction for your next pair of skis.

There's a variety of ski terms used in the industry which can leave you feeling a bit confused and all over the place.

Hopefully, this guide can help shed some light on these terms and have you talking the lingo at your next apres session.


Will you mount my bindings?

If you'd like your bindings to be mounted, of course we will! Purchase skis, boots or bindings from us and your binding mount is free. If we don't have your ski boot when we mount your new skis you will need to get the bindings checked at your local ski shop. You can read more about binding mounting here.

Will my new skis be ready to ski?

Gone are the days where you need to get ski tuned before you even ski on it.The factory tune is great, and your new skis come with enough wax to get you through the first few days on snow.

How much will it cost to ship my skis?

Don't be silly. We'll ship your new skis, anywhere in Australia, for free.

What bindings should I choose?

We've taken a lot of the guess work out of selecting ski bindings for your skis with our range of ski & binding packages. Get in touch with us if you need more information or you'd like to package your new skis with a different binding.

I've got more questions

We welcome you to call or message us and have a chat with our helpful and knowledge team for the best advice.