Line Skis

Line Skis has been “skiing the wrong way” since the company was founded back in 1995. Line Skis started in a garage in Upstate New York with a mission to bring more fun, enjoyment and style to the sport of skiing. Today, they have become one of the most popular (and fun) brands of skis and skiing equipmentin the world.

Line Skis has been responsible for a number of significant advancements in ski technology, including Capwall™, 4D Fibercap™, Sidewall plastic edge coatings, and Shockwall™ elastomer sidewalls for better shock absorption and stability.

These unique technologies are incorporated into innovative ski designs, including lines like the Supernatural 92 and 86, Soulmate women’s skis, Gizmo junior skis, Wallisch Shorty skis, Blend skis, Sir Francis Bacon skis, Sick Day and the truly unique Pescado powder skis. Don’t forget the need for poles – you’ll find adjustable and grip stick poles available from Line.

In addition to skis and snowboards, Line Skis also manufactures a range of protective gear, including jackets and pants, as well as casual wear like hoodies and pullovers.

Ready to hit the slopes in style and comfort, while making the sport even more enjoyable? Get your Line Skis gear and equipment now.