Dragon Alliance

Founded in a garage back in 1993, Dragon Alliance has grown to become one of the world’s most prominent brands when it comes to eyewear and protection. While sunglasses might have been the company’s first product, they have since diversified, and now offer a broad range of eyewear designed for skiers and snowboarders.

Dragon Alliance focuses on innovation, combined with unconventional designs that break the mould. The company offers goggles for men, women and children, including designs that fit perfectly over prescription glasses, models with interchangeable lenses for different conditions, and more.

Dragon has kept up with the innovation of the ski goggle industry with their High contrast lenses named LumaLens. These lenses offer enhanced vision and allow you to see in a wider range of conditions with a single lens. These lenses are now available across the board, its a good thing they are great!

Their high-end goggles feature a lens interchange system aptly called Swiftlock. It allows for swift and easy swapping of lenses to cater for different conditions. 

Dragon goggles are known for their style and colours. If you want to look good and be able to see well. Check them out for your next pair of Goggles.

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