Blizzard Skis

Part of the larger Tecnica Group, Blizzard Sport was founded in 1945 and remains one of the most pioneering companies in the ski industry. While they specialize in alpine skis, they also offer a range of other options to suit your needs, including freeski styles, powder skis, carving skis, and more.

Blizzard, while dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-performance skis, is also about innovation. Take the 2018 Brahma Carbon – it removes the layer of titanal that made the previous Brahma a little too stiff for many skiers, and replaces it with a layer of carbon fiber that offers just the right amount of flex.

You’ll find the same dedication to innovation and quality throughout the company’s ski lines. Choose from world-renowned options like the Black Pearl 78 and 88, or the Bonafide or Sheeva IQ skis. The Cochise, Cheyenne and Latigo lines are all worth your consideration, as well, and combine unique form factors with the graphics and colors you need to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re a first-time skier, or you’re an experienced veteran, you’ll love Blizzard Sports’ skis. Make sure to check out the binding packages available for one-stop shopping on full gear packages.