Park and Pipe Skis are designed with for getting tricky. Jumps, Rails, Halfpipe, Urban, you name it. Park and Pipe skis all feature a twin tipped tail to allow for skiing backwards.

Waist Width

Park skis range from 80-105mm, much like their All Mountain counterparts. Park performance isn't really dictated by waist width, but can impact their performance on the rest of the mountain greatly.

Waist Width Conditions
80-90 Hard Snow
90-100 All Conditions
Jumps & Rails
100+ Soft Snow


Park & Pipe Ski Length Guide Your Height
Skier Ability Beginner Subtract 10cm
Intermediate Subtract 5cm
Advanced Your Height
Expert Add 5cm

eg. A 173cm Intermediate skier should look for All Mountain skis around 168cm

If you are in between lengths of a certain ski, aggressive skiers should size up and cautious skiers should size down.

If you are progressing in the Park a shorter ski makes it easier, but takes away from its All Mountain performance


The Flex Profile of Park skis is an important consideration. Stiff skis are good on jumps and in the halfpipe but aren't forgiving and as playful on rails. Softer skis aren't stable and supportive on jumps but are much more fun to butter around rails and are better for progressing in the park.