aussieskier Ski Bootfitting FAQs
  1. What to bring to your appointment 
    An open mind and a positive attitude! Bring along your old boots and footbeds if you have them. We can use this information of what has and hasn’t worked to help our skier analysis. If you own skis bring them along too, we’ll have to double check your bindings are set correctly.

  2. What to expect
    Although it may seem like you’re having a foot massage it’s definitely not the case! Your socks will be off so we can really see what’s happening with your feet so make sure they’re clean and your toenails are short like they would be when you’re going skiing. Try to wear shorts or pants that can be pulled up to your knees. Ladies keep in mind we don’t ski in skirts (anymore) so try to avoid wearing them.

  3. Where to park
    2 hour parking is available on Grattan St, and plentiful paid parking is available on Izett St (Coles/Woolworths/Dan Murphy’s) just through the gardens.

  4. What to expect on your first day skiing in new boots
    It can take up to 3 days skiing, sometimes longer, for you to get used to your new boots and custom footbeds, and also for them to get used to you. The in store process of buying new boots involves moulding the liners which will accelerate the breaking in of your new boots. However there is only so much we can do in store, you need to go ski them! During this period don’t stress if you have a little bit of discomfort - it’s completely normal. When you come in for your bootfit we’ll run through some strategies to help with any discomfort.