Ski Gloves

Protecting the face, body, legs, and feet is important. Protecting the hands is just as important. Our ski gloves are designed to keep your hands from freezing as you grip your ski poles and use your hands to twist and turn your way around the slopes.

Skiing gloves are constructed with innovative features that transcend the use of traditional gloves. They are made to keep your hands warm, but they can provide that thickness and comfort without sacrificing mobility or breathability.

The XTM Whistler Men’s Gloves, for example, are a durable pair of ski gloves made with Rubbertec technology to keep grips strong and insulation thick, but are ventilated to allow the hands to breathe.

Ski gloves are often waterproof, and made with a tactile nylon to keep the seams from ripping. A good pair of ski gloves can offer support from the fingertips all the way to the wrists, and often come with a cuff and wristband to tie them tightly around your wrists. When you are out in the open, you don’t want a burst of cold air or a flurry of fresh snow to reach under your gloves and freeze your fingers. Therefore, ski gloves are built to keep heat and dryness in, and the elements out.