K2 Skis

Named after the second-highest mountain on the planet, K2 Skis delivers “serious fun” and serious performance for men, women and even children. The company has a history of pushing boundaries in terms of design, and is responsible for a number of innovations, including the B.F.C Boot, Konic technology and more. In addition to skis, K2 offers ski poles, helmets, backpacks and other gear.

Some of the most popular skis from K2 Skis include the Women’s MissConduct and Remedy line, both of which are replete with unique colors and graphics, as well as specific ski shapes to suit your performance needs. The Men’s Pinnacle, Poacher and Sight lines are also very popular, as are the Shreditor, Allluvit, Marksman and Pettitor lines.

Whether you’re a powder skier, a cross-country skier, or just in it for the fun of an afternoon spent on the slopes, you’ll find a pair of skis to suit your needs. Don’t forget about protection, though. K2 Skis offers a wide range of helmets designed to provide outstanding protection while in the field. The K2 Backside 24L backpack kit is also a nice touch – it provides you with a shovel, probe and other important supplies, all in a single convenient package.