K2 Skis

Named after the second-highest mountain on the planet, K2 Skis delivers “serious fun” and serious performance for the whole family. The company has a history of pushing boundaries in terms of design, and is responsible for a number of innovations. K2 Skis have long been a favourite of ours, we have skied them around the entire world and have been thrilled with their performance.

The K2 Pinnacle Range is one of the most awarded ski ranges in the past few years. With all of the skis winning some form of industry award. The Pinnacle 95 has long been one of the first skis we grab for people wanting an off-piste focused Australian All-Mountain ski. The combination of deep tip rocker and a fairly aggressive flex allows the ski to ski fast through chop and stay nimble through tight chutes.

Their Factory Team series has powered some of the worlds best athletes for years. The K2 Sight and Missconduct have won a slew of freestyle oriented medals in world cup events yet are easy to ski and let kids have a blast as they dabble in park. The Poacher is our go-to for people who want a Freestyle oriented All-Mountain ski that rips no matter where you take it.

Whether you’re a powder skier, an all-mountain skier, enjoy hitting the terrain park or just in it for the fun of an afternoon spent on the slopes, you’ll find a pair of K2 skis to suit your needs.