Binding Mounting


Lots of other shops think that they should punish you for buying skis on the net or overseas by charging exorbitant rates for mounting skis. We’ve been told stories of $100 or even more. That’s bullshit.

We have a simple rate chart:

$20 for a 'rail' style binding that requires no drilling

$40 for a regular mount on a flat ski

$60 for a remount, tech binding, or any other non-standard tricky type of mount.

If you bought either your skis or bindings from us – mounting is, and will always be free.

If you are bringing your old bindings in to us please ensure that all the screws are present and accounted for and secured in a ziploc bag or similar.

We can mount most models of bindings for the brands that we sell, and many others, but please Contact Us first to confirm your binding model.

We reserve the right to turn away old/damaged skis, bindings, or skis that have been remounted many times where a new mount will be unsafe.

Terms & Conditions for Binding Mounting:

If you choose for us to mount bindings without your boot and ship your skis to you, you agree that:

1. I understand and agree that the ski bindings will be drilled and mounted on to the skis, or in the case of a rail-type binding they will be slid on to the ski, but these will not be adjusted to your boot and ready for immediate use

2. I understand and agree that although the bindings are on the ski, this does not imply that they have been adjusted and does not imply that they are ready for use

3. I understand and agree that ski bindings MUST be professionally adjusted by a certified ski technician prior to use

4. I understand and agree that having the bindings mounted to the skis is separate from having the bindings adjusted to my boots and adjusted according to my skier information

5. I understand and agree that mounting the bindings to the skis makes the ski sale final and excludes the skis and bindings from our standard return & exchange policy

6. I understand that skis will be mounted at the manufacturers recommended position/line on the ski unless you specifically request otherwise - contact us if unsure.