Ski Jackets

When it comes to skiing, it’s vitally important to stay warm. A good ski jacket will keep an ounce of the cold mountain air from biting through to your body. For maximum insulation, warmth, and comfort, a ski jacket is a necessary ingredient for a fun day of skiing.

Fabric, sleeves, insulation, hood, stitching method, coating style – these are all important factors to consider when choosing the right ski jacket. Many ski jackets may appear to do the trick, but with little to no insulation and the wrong kind of fabric, you’re better off with a knitted blanket.

Ski jackets are meant to have sealed seams, fully insulated bodies, padded sleeves, and even insulated hoods. A low stitching can also help to retain the heat without making the wearer feel too hot. The Rojo Aster Yardage Women’s Jacket is a great example of what it takes to have a perfect balance between insulation, panel stitching, and a comfortable fit. A jacket like this offers long-term wear without feeling too hot, and insulation that gives breathing room so the wearer does not become too sweaty.

It’s impossible to ski without wearing layers of protection while out in the snow. Ski jackets are meant to assist, comfort, and enhance the skier as they have fun on the slopes.