Waterproofing / Gear Care

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Nikwax Base Fresh Baselayer Conditioner -
Nikwax Down Wash Direct -
Hestra Leather Balm-One
Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather -
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Nikwax Tech Wash + TX Direct Wash-in Waterproofer Package -
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Nikwax Down Wash + Down Proof Waterproofer Package - 300ml-Nikwax Down
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Nikwax Tech Wash + TX Direct Wash-in Waterproofer Package - 300ml-Nikwax Wash-In
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Nikwax Tech Wash + TX Direct Spray-On Waterproofer Package-Nikwax Spray-On
Nikwax Down Wash Direct -
Nikwax Down Proof Waterproofer -
Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In Waterproofer -

Waterproofing / Gear Care

Keep your gear spick and span with our range of gear care products. Something many people don't know is that ski gear requires frequent cleaning and care to keep it performing at its best. Your Jacket & Pants are their most waterproof & breathable when they are clean. Your Leather gloves require treatment as often as once a year to keep the elements out and the leather healthy.

We stock a range of products from leading brand Nikwax. Their range is the highest performing, easiest to use and is remarkably low impact on the environment. We have specialised products for cleaning and re-waterproofing most of your ski gear. Tech Wash & TX Direct for your outerwear, Down Wash & Proof for your Down Jackets, and even Basefresh, a special fabric softener that revitalises your Thermals and Socks without harsh chemicals of normal softeners.

It is good practice to Wash & Re-Proof your gear at the same time. Hence the comboing of our popular kits. Check out the Wash In & Spray on Packages to revitalise your entire outerwear kit in one session.

Taking care of your kit will make it last for years longer than otherwise, it would be stupid not to!

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