Alpine Touring skis are skis that are designed with uphill in mind. Touring involves a ton of effort so weight of your skis is incredibly important.

Waist Width

Touring skis span across all waist widths and have slightly different categories to their alpine counterparts. Touring skis specific to Australia are typically just as wide as in the Northern Hemisphere due to the importance of variable and soft snow performance.

Category Waist Width
Skimo Race Skis 60-75
Fitness & Training skis 75-90
All Around Touring Skis 90-105
Powder Touring Skis 105+

Our favourite dedicated touring skis are all 95-105mm, this is our ideal balance of downhill performance in typical backcountry conditions whilst retaining great uphill characteristics.


Alpine Touring Ski Length Guide Your Height
Skier Ability Beginner Subtract 10cm
Intermediate Subtract 5cm
Advanced Your Height
Expert Add 5cm

eg. A 173cm Intermediate skier should look for Alpine Touring skis around 168cm

If in between lengths, it's recommended for less experienced backcountry skiers to size down to save weight and make kick turns easier. More experienced skiers can choose to go longer for more downhill performance or downsize to save weight.


In Alpine Touring skis, weight is the #1 factor. Lighter skis will go uphill better but will be less durable and won't have the same downhill performance.

Alpine Touring Ski Weight Guide Mens (~180cm) Womens (~165cm)
Ultra Light <1450g <1300g
Light 1450-1700g 1300-1550g
Crossover >1700g >1550g