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Ski socks are a key part of ensuring that your Ski Boots are comfortable. Having a sock that is too thick is one of the main causes of uncomfortable ski boots. A good pair of ski socks are thin, fitted and not made of cotton.
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We carry a range of Ski socks from brands like Smartwool, Therm-Ic and Le Bent. Le Bent socks are made of a blend of Merino Wool and Bamboo rayon. They are some of the most comfortable socks that exist on the market. Available in two different models, the Ultra Light Ski Sock is the go-to for tight-fitting ski boots, and the Light Ski Sock is great for Snowboarders, loose-fitting ski boots and rental boots.

Smartwool were the first outdoor company to make Merino performance socks, after discovering the benefits of using Merino include being thermo-regulating, odor free, soft to touch and sustainable. The Smartwool PHD Ski socks come in three different thicknesses. Ultra Light for a minimalist, performance fit; Light Elite for a slightly more thick sock with shin padding, and the Light sock for the ultimate in cushioning and comfort. 

Contrary to common belief, having a thinner ski sock can often keep you warmer. Too thick of a sock combined with a tight-fitting ski boot can cause loss of blood circulation and can be quite dangerous. Thin ski socks allow the ski boots to fit the way its meant to and allows the boot to provide warmth.

Ski socks should be made for ultimate comfort and keep your feet from getting swampy. Check out our range, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions

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