Powder Skis are designed to bring you maximum joy when the snow gods deliver the goods. We don't get a lot of Powder in Australia so Powder skis are mostly for those of us who travel for snow.

Waist Width

Powder skis range from 105mm up to some crazy designs that are 140mm+, though most typically Powder skis range from 105-115mm for more versatile powder options and 115mm+ for dedicated powder skis.

Gearing up for your first holiday to Japan or Canada for that endless powder? Picking up a ski around 110mm underfoot will make powder skiing that much easier, but will still be a useful ski on the occasional powder day in Australia.

If you head overseas hunting powder each and every year, could be good to go for a powder specific ~120mm ski to maximise fun on those trips.


Powder Ski Length Guide Your Height
Skier Ability Beginner Subtract 5cm
Intermediate Your Height
Advanced Add 5cm
Expert Add 10cm

eg. A 173cm Intermediate skier should look for Powder skis around 173cm

If you are in between lengths of a certain ski, aggressive skiers should size up and cautious skiers should size down.


Weight in Powder skis can be important in a couple of circumstances, and depends on your destination and if you are doing any hiking.

Most Powder skis are designed to be on the light side, as often they are paired with Crossover Touring bindings and head out into the Backcountry. Light is right when it comes to Powder touring.

Most renowned Powder skiing destinations become famous because of their light fluffy snow. These places (Utah, Japan, Canada etc.) are best serviced by lighter powder skis. Whereas if you are travelling to a destination that can get heavier snow, (Whistler, California, PNW) a slightly heavier Powder ski can be the ticket. 

Powder Ski Weight Guide Mens (~185cm) Womens (~170cm)
Light <1850g <1600g
Medium 1850-2100g 1600-1850g
Heavy >2100g >1850g