Ski Helmets

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POC Fornix Ski Helmet-X Small / Small-Matte Black-aussieskier.comPOC Fornix Ski Helmet-X Small / Small-Methane
POC POC Fornix Ski Helmet
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POC Obex Pure Ski Helmet-X Small / Small-Hydrogen White-aussieskier.comPOC Obex Pure Ski Helmet-X Small / Small-Pegasi
POC POC Obex Pure Ski Helmet
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Salomon QST Charge Womens Ski Helmet-Small-Black /
Anon Griffon Womens Ski Helmet-Small-Black-aussieskier.comAnon Griffon Womens Ski Helmet-Medium-Empress
POC Obex MIPS Ski Helmet-Medium / Large-Matte Moldanite Green-aussieskier.comPOC Obex MIPS Ski
POC POC Obex MIPS Ski Helmet
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POC Meninx Ski Helmet-X Small / Small-Hydrogen White-aussieskier.comPOC Meninx Ski
POC POC Meninx Ski Helmet
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Anon Greta 3 Womens Ski Helmet-Small-Noom Blue-aussieskier.comAnon Greta 3 Womens Ski

Ski Helmets

Ski Helmets are a very important part of ski safety and are worn by the majority of skiers out on the slopes. They are vital for protecting your head and keep your head warm as well. In some cases, the difference between life or death can be whether a ski helmet is worn.

Our favourite helmets come from Anon, Salomon, Giro and POC. We have a huge range of durable yet lightweight helmets, with a variety of innovative features that provide better comfort, mobility, and breathability while out on the hill.

The two main differences between the various helmets are adjustment and ventilation. A helmet with a durable and easy to use adjustment system allows the helmet to sit more comfortably on your head and allows it to fit more heads. Ventilation is important for those who tend to get hot while skiing. Flick one switch and the air comes rushing in and cools your head down.

So you want safety, style and comfort? No problem! You'll find the perfect fit in the huge range of ski helmets for kids, adults, men and women. If you’d like to know more and need some expert advice, drop us a line or give us a call – 03 9111 2669.

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