Climbing Skins

Are you a backcountry enthusiast? Does your heart long for the road less travelled? Climbing skins are an essential part of any Alpine Touring Setup. Won't get far if every step you take you end up sliding backwards.

With powerful adhesive to attach to the bottom of your skis, Climbing skins allow you to walk up snowy terrain without being buried up to your waist. Featuring tiny directional fibres that seamlessly glide when pushed forward, then stick when pressure is pushed down on the ski.

The G3 Alpinist Skins are, in our opinion, the best on the market. With the best tip and tail attachments, an easy cutting tool, and materials and glue that is bound to last years, you can't really go wrong. These skins have backed our backcountry adventures, both in Australia and over in Chamonix, for years and have always had our back.

The new Black Crows Pellis Skins offer a different composition to the G3 Alpinist and are designed to be a lighter weight option that is pre-cut for specific Black Crows Freebird Models.

Seems pretty silly to buy a touring set up then never being able to experience the true freedom of touring without a pair of skins. Yet tons of people buy an expensive touring setup and only ever ski it in the resort. Get some skins and take it out back!