Climbing Skins

Are you a backcountry enthusiast? Does your heart long for the road less traveled? You don’t need to invest in an all new pair of skis – instead, grab an essential climbing skin and fit your boards for intense snow hiking.

Climbing skins are reliable and flexible, offering a wider range of uses. They don’t prevent the skis from any of their normal functions, and in fact, they often serve to enhance them. Climbing skins are a way to offer maximum grip on your board, helping you keep ahold of essential climbing points during your trek up a difficult mountain.

The seamless gliding ability of climbing skins is also a great feature, and the tail and tip attachments can help to enhance the skis’ use even more.

Feel free to adjust the skin’s length as well. This versatile and stretchy fabric is meant to cover your favorite skis, all while offering more grip, traction, and gliding ability while traversing areas of deep powder or even packed ice.

Climbing skins aren’t just for adventurous professionals; they’re for everyone. You can enjoy the enhanced glide and grip these skins will give you while using them to avoid even the toughest of natural weather conditions. They are easy to apply and just as easy to remove, making them an essential part of the backcountry skier’s kit.