Rip Curl

Rip Curl is probably best known for their wide range of surf and beach gear. However, they have also made inroads into the world of skiing and snowboarding. In fact, it could be argued that the years Rip Curl has invested in the surf industry have put them in a prime position to design some of the best performing ski and snowboarding gear in the world.

Rip Curl breaks their snow-related gear into three primary categories. First up is the Ultimate collection. These are manufactured to the highest standards, with the best materials available. Next is the Core section, where you’ll find “advanced technology and materials”. For those with a tighter budget, the Rider category offers “value at an affordable price”. However, all three categories offer stylish clothing and cold weather gear that will put you in good stead on the slopes.

You’ll find virtually any type of clothing you might need available from Rip Curl, including ski and snowboarding pants and jackets to beanies, vests, and even one-piece snowsuits for all-over protection.

Whether you’re new to the sport, or you’ve spent years of your life blazing down the slopes, you’ll find something to appreciate in Rip Curl’s offerings.