Balaclavas & Neckwarmers

For a fashionable item that can be worn around the neck head, or even the chin, balaclavas and neckwarmers are popular items on the snow traveler’s market. Many skiers are choosing to invest in tube neckwarmers or even head cowls, which are fashionable without sacrificing the cold-protection fabrics that are so vital when out on the cold, snowy slopes.

Some balaclavas cover everything except for the eyes, whereas others cover just the neck or chin. The beauty of balaclavas is that they are often flexible and reversible, serving to protect in whichever way you see fit. Simply wear one as a scarf or neckwarmer, or expand it to cover the forehead and back of the head. They offer support and insulation while also providing plenty of breathing room so you never feel like you’re being suffocated.

Plus, the soft materials of balaclavas and neckwarmers add extra comfort as well. They aren’t scratchy, and the fabrics absorb any perspiration, making it so that you won’t sweat too much or cause the fabrics to smell. Neckwarmers are important for keeping some of the more vital parts of the body warm, and balaclavas can serve to protect many areas of the face and neck without limiting your vision or head flexibility as you surf down the slopes.