Powder Skis

Sometimes, you have an itch for deep powder. When you’re ready to get inches of snow, powder skis can be your best friend. These high-performing skis offer a wider board with a broad front to help glide across the deep snow. They work best in areas where snow is active, leaving layers of fresh powder on top of the best slopes.

Powder skis are bent prominently, offering a rocker-like shape to help you maneuver a bit too. Typically, powder skis will elicit the feeling of surfing on the snow, with high maneuverability and almost a buoyancy on top of the snow. The deeper the powder, the better powder skis are.

Powder skis are just asking to be taken to the backcountry, and are great for the slopes less traveled. While they may not be able to take sharp turns, they can glide like no other. The Salomon QST Lumen 99 is one of the most popular powder skis, built with a full wooden core and a honeycomb tip to make you feel lightweight and flexible.

Powder skis are convenient, transportable, and lightweight – what more could you want in a multi-tasking ski? These modern marvels can easily take down any kind of deep terrain.