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XTM Kids Braces Suspenders-Black-aussieskier.comXTM Kids Braces
XTM XTM Kids Braces Suspenders
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XTM Braces Suspenders-Black-aussieskier.comXTM Braces
XTM XTM Braces Suspenders
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Mons Royale Afterbang Suspenders-Black /
Mons Royale Bungee


A durable belt can be the perfect enhancement to any snow adventurer’s equipment kit. There are many types of belts available that offer durability and tightness, helping to keep your layers of snow gear positioned the way they are supposed to be as you move around in the snow all day.

The Mons Royale Birving, is made of a slim and stretchy polymer fabric, with a durable buckle that keeps it all in place. The belt is durable enough to wear on the toughest of snow treks but is also comfortable enough to be worn while sitting at home and having a casual day out with friends.

Belts are easily adjustable, allowing you to fit it over any number of snow-protecting layers you may have. They are often waterproof as well, adding extra protection against nature’s harshest weather conditions. Your belt will go with you to many locations and will travel well no matter what you are doing that day.

A good belt is essential to feeling comfortable and to keep your clothes fitting the way they should be. Snow belts keep everything tight without sacrificing your comfort or movement ability.

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