Le Bent

When it comes to protective socks, balaclavas and headwear, it doesn’t get better than Le Bent. Founded in 2010, the company offers innovative products designed to keep you warm and protected on the slopes, whether you’re skiing, snowboarding or trekking.

Le Bent has become known for innovative blends of unique materials, including bamboo, Merino wool and rayon, called the Platinum Blend. Sustainability is also of prime importance, and the company strives for ecologically friendly materials harvested in a sustainable manner, combined with the use of renewable materials.

The result is a line of protective gear that will help ensure you’re warm and comfortable no matter how low the mercury drops. This blend ensures softer clothing that keeps you warmer, drier and stays cleaner than other options on the market.

Quality, comfort, innovation and enjoyment are the hallmarks of the Le Bent brand, and you’ll find those embodied in each baselayer piece, each sock and each piece of headwear.

The company is well known for its Definitive Light and Definitive Ultralight sock designs, but you’ll also find high-performance balaclavas for adults and children, as well as neck warmers available from Le Bent.