Make your skis go faster. Toko's range of ski wax and ski tuning tools are the best in the business. Waxing your own skis is one of the best ways to keep them in good shape.
Toko 4mm Plexi Blade
Toko Steel Scraper
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Toko Diamond File-aussieskier.comToko Diamond File-Fine - 600
Toko Toko Diamond File
$47.99 $59.99
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Toko Ergo Race Edging
Toko Toko Ergo Race Edging Tool
$71.99 $89.99
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Toko T8 Waxing
Toko Toko T8 Waxing Iron
$103.99 $129.99
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Toko All In One Universal Ski Wax -
Toko Natural Universal Ski Wax -
Toko Express Tuner + Coarse Diamond Stone
Toko T14 Digital Waxing
Toko Edge Grinding
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Toko T8 Waxing Iron, Wax & Scraper Package-Blue (-30 to -8°C)-aussieskier.comToko T8 Waxing Iron, Wax & Scraper Package-Red (-12 to -2°C)
Toko Express
Toko Toko Express Tuner
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Toko Scraper
Toko Ergo Race Edging Tool Kit-aussieskier.comToko Ergo Race Edging Tool
Toko Express Universal Liquid Ski Wax -
Toko Nylon Base
Toko Base Performance Ski Wax - 120g-Yellow (-4 to 0°C)-aussieskier.comToko Base Performance Ski Wax - 120g-Red (-12 to -2°C)
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Toko Freeride Tuning Vise
Toko Toko Freeride Tuning Vise Set
$431.99 $539.99
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Toko Express Universal Liquid Ski Wax -
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Toko Express Universal Liquid Ski Wax -
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Toko Copper/Nylon Combination Base Brush-aussieskier.comToko Copper/Nylon Combination Base
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Toko Rotary Brush Single Axle + Nylon Rotary


Toko are a Swiss brand that excels in the production of Ski Waxes, Tuning Tools & other care products for your skis & ski gear. They are an incredibly eco friendly company that focuses on their environmental impact & produces their products in environmentally friendly manners.

Best known for the Toko range of ski wax, they partner with a number of the fastest skiers on the planet and help them find the top of the podium. This trickles into technologies for recreational skiers with a range of wax that is intuitive and comprehensive.

The Tuning Tools they produce are also some of the finest. They make everything from Waxing Irons, Diamond Stones or even P-Tex to fix your skis bases.

Check out our range of Toko Waxing Products online & don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions

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