Marker Bindings

Marker got its start way back in 1952, with the debut of the Duplex binding as a means to reduce the chance of injuries during skiing accidents. That binding started what would become a revolution. Today, Marker Bindings are considered some of the best in the industry, and the company has continued to innovate, creating unique solutions that offer stability, comfort and improved safety for skiers the word over.

Marker has become one of the leaders in not only general ski bindings, but in freeride bindings, thanks to the debut of the Duke system, as well as the Jester, Baron and Griffon bindings. Marker also continues to offer a broad range of other popular ski bindings, including the M series, the Free series, the Tour F12 EPF alpine touring binding, Squire bindings, and many others. You’ll also find Kingpin crampons, and other options available from the company.

Whether you’re an alpine skier, a cross country skier, a freerider, or just like to enjoy a little time on the slopes each winter, Marker has a binding that will fit your needs and your skiing style. Don’t forget important accessories, like touring leashes and brakes.