All Mountain Skis are the most versatile ski options and aim to excel in a range of conditions much like you would find on the mountain on any given day. If you are only going to own one ski, All Mountain Skis are the best bet as they perform well in all conditions.

Waist Width

Waist width is the most important consideration of All Mountain Skis and our ski recommendations depend on where and how you like to ski.

Australia Overseas
85-94 90-105
On Piste Off Piste On Piste Off Piste
85-90 90-94 90-97 98-105

If you are the type of skier that like to do everything, aiming for the middle of each range is the way to go. i.e. we find that 88-90mm skis tend to be the best do-it-all options for Australian conditions. 


All Mountain Ski Length Guide Your Height
Skier Ability Beginner Subtract 10cm
Intermediate Subtract 5cm
Advanced Your Height
Expert Add 5cm

eg. A 173cm Intermediate skier should look for All Mountain skis around 168cm

If you are in between lengths of a certain ski, aggressive skiers should size up and cautious skiers should size down.


Weight isn't the most important factor when it comes to All Mountain Skis though can influence the way a ski will perform.

Heavier skis will be more stable and composed, whilst lighter skis are easier to manage when making quick turns and are often considered more playful.

All Mountain Ski Weight Guide Mens (~180cm) Womens (~165cm)
Light <1750g <1500g
Medium 1750-2000g 1500-1750g
Heavy >2000g >1750g

If you are looking for an All Mountain ski for do a bit of touring on, look for skis in the Light or Medium categories.