Thermal Underwear

A long-time favorite of snow travelers, thermal underwear is essential for staying warm, dry, and protected while traveling in the snow. As the name implies, thermal underwear is one of the first layers of clothing you put on your body before wearing your snow jackets, pants, boots, gloves, and helmets for a day of heavy-duty skiing on the snowy slopes.

Thermal underwear isn’t just for the body’s lower half; there are layered tops that are essential for warmth and comfort as well. Thermal underwear can come in a variety of styles and makes, with cold protection always serving as its main function.

The Rojo brand offers a variety of thermal underwear sizes for girls, boys, women, and men. Their crew neck tops offer a great base layer when planning a full outfit of layered snow clothing, and the trail pants are flexible, fitting, and breathable without letting any cold air get in.

A good pair of thermal underwear is lightweight and breathable while also being dry, durable, and flexible. The thermal technologies built into the fabrics allow you to wear them all day without feeling too hot – or too cold! Some pairs can even be paneled, or reach a three-quarter length to provide the kind of comfort that works best for your day out in the snow.