Alpine Touring Skis

Its widely known that we love out Backcountry Skiing at Aussieskier. Many of our fondest skiing memories are out of bounds, the snow is better, the company is great and there are fewer jerries. Having the right Alpine touring skis will allow you to get uphill with less effort and manoeuvre the many conditions you may face in the ever-changing backcountry.

A good Alpine Touring ski has a couple of notable characteristics. Tip rocker, traditional camber and mild tail rocker is the perfect profile for touring in Australia. With larger rocker zones for touring overseas. ~100mm is a great waist width for touring in Australia, whereas 105-110mm may be preferred if you are chasing powder. Alpine Touring Skis should have a relatively lightweight core, and in most cases forgo the metal sheets that provide piste performance in All-Mountain Skis.

The Black Crows Freebird Range is a worldwide favourite when it comes to Alpine Touring Skis. The Camox Freebird and Navis Freebird are borderline perfect for touring in Australia. 

K2 Skis make a ton of great Alpine Touring skis. Waybacks are the largest selling range of Alpine Touring skis worldwide and have seen a large overhaul in the past couple of years. These are now Uber light, best for your long distance, multi-day backcountry missions. We stock the Wayback 96 as a do-it-all Australian option.

Feel free to give us a buzz if you want to have a chat about your next Alpine Touring Skis. We have a ton of experience and can offer expert advice on what skis to choose, which bindings to pair up, and what else you may need in the Backcountry.

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