Ski Poles

Ski poles are probably the least glamorous purchase in a ski shop, but are a pretty essential part of any skiers equipment get-up. Ski Poles are made from a range of materials, from lightweight Carbon to heavy-duty Aluminium alloys, and have a range of grip and basket options.

Choosing a ski pole is relatively simple. Work out what material you like, what length you need and what colour/design you like. A pole is a pole. Don't really need any flashy features unless you want extendable poles for Backcountry Skiing.

We stock ski poles from Atomic, Salomon, Scott and Black Crows. All of which have their own signature look and feel and match up with different skis well. Pretty much all of the Black Crows range have a matching pole that looks amazing when paired up.

We've got a huge range of poles - in all lengths, colours and brands. If you’re not sure, give us a call – 03 9111 2669 or email us. We're happy to give you some expert advice to make sure you get your size right.

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