Alpine Touring Skis

For those whose hearts are set on the backcountry, there are alpine touring skis available to help carve new paths and traverse the ways less traveled. Alpine touring skis offer peak performance ability, providing innovative flexibility features to help you stay in control of the rigorous and often uncharted parts of the mountain.

Alpine touring is designed for those who don’t want to rely on a ski resort to provide all of their fun – they prefer to work outside the boundaries of a pre-carved path. If you are an explorer at heart, alpine touring skis are your best friends in the snow.

These skis can work outside of lift-served areas, and are designed to help you climb back up a steep mountain just as easily as you can ski down it. The 2018 K2 Pinnacle ski has a rounded front and a flat rear, with a lightweight core to help you make less of an impact on the mountain while still getting to where you need to go.

Light skis are the models of choice for alpine touring, and anyone can enjoy these flexible and durable skis. If you have an itch to travel off the beaten path, invest in a good pair of alpine touring skis for safety and prolonged enjoyment.