After building the first plastic Ski Boot, Lange have been continually improving and today are one of the global leaders. Lange Boots are the best of both worlds, they fit great and they ski even better.
Lange XT3 130 Ski
Lange Lange XT3 130 Ski Boots
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Lange XT3 120 Ski Boots-aussieskier.comLange XT3 120 Ski
Lange Lange XT3 120 Ski Boots
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Since 1965 when Lange developed the first plastic buckle ski boot, they've been pioneers continually been pushing the boundaries in the world of ski boots. Lange was responsible for the first rear-entry ski boots, and now they use an innovative Dual Core plastic injection method to create ski boots with different density plastics to increase energy, rebound and flex control.

Lange ski boots are some of the most progressive, comfortable and high performance on the market. 

If you are located in Melbourne and wish to see our expert boot fitters to get some new ski boots. Book an appointment and come and see us!

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