Twin Tip Skis

Slightly different from their Nordic and alpine cousins, twin tip skis will help you jump, switch, and twist in the air while successfully landing backwards. These twin tip skis can take a hit, and are sturdy enough to endure any type of trickery without sacrificing flexibility and slenderness.
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Just when you thought skiing backwards down a slope was impossible, these twin tip skis are flipped for maximum sports enjoyment. The design of these skis is what brings innovation to the backwards-skiing process. These skis curve up both on the front and the rear ends, which offer a way to keep you flying fast without being tripped by a flat or stuck end.

Twin tip skis can be taken anywhere, and are the most versatile types of skis to use for any kind of fun. Whether you’re a professional who is looking to conquer big mountains, or you want to try out a few new tricks on one of your local slopes, twin tip skis offer endless enjoyment.


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