Sidas have been in the footwear game since 1975 and have the mission to offer comfort and performance for each foot, for each sport and each day; in the name of all feet. As cheesy as this might sound, it's true. They have a range of solutions for flat feet, high arches, skiers who get sore ankle bones and skiers who get cold feet.

The Sidas Drywarmer is a perfect present for the skier in your family. Aiding boot drying with both heat and UV it helps to keep ski boots stink free for the long term. 

If you have ever slipped on an icy slope while getting to or from the snow, Sidas have a couple solutions for that as well. The Sidas Walk Traction for shoes and Boot Traction for Ski Boots will help keep your feet underneath you when the ground is slippery.

We also have a full custom fit station from Sidas in our store. If you have had boot pain in the past, maybe its time for a pair of Custom Footbeds. These offer customised support and can change the way a pair of ski boots fit entirely.

If you have uncomfortable ski boots, need a hand selecting the correct insole or solving a fit issue, don't hesitate to book an appointment for our Melbourne Ski Shop or get in contact with us.

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