Beacons / Transceivers

In the event of a dangerous avalanche or snowfall, having a locator beacon or even a communication system is vitally important. Transceivers are a life-saving piece of technology that can get a stranded skier out of any harmful situation.

Avalanche transceivers, also called beacons, are equipped with immediate communication technologies, sending out a signal via a thin antenna that calls for help. Nearby frequencies will pick up on the signal, and can send someone right away to get help.

Most advanced transceivers can even help with multiple victim searching, too. If your party becomes lost or separated, a transceiver can transmit several locations at once. There is a signal suppression system built into the beacon as well, helping searchers to narrow down their search location as they seek to get you out of the snow as soon as possible.

Transceivers can search a range anywhere from 50 to 60 meters, making it easier for nearby frequencies to pick up on your location. They can operate on battery life, so make sure to take extra batteries with you as well. It could easily be a life or death situation. Transceivers are a fairly new invention, but the advancement of its searching ability is vital to the safety of skiers while out on the dangerous slopes.