Hestra was founded in 1936 in Sweden, and has become perhaps the best-known glove manufacturer in the world.
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Hestra Czone Powder Womens Gloves-5-Black /
Hestra Hestra Czone Powder Womens Gloves
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Hestra Moje CZone Womens
Hestra Hestra Moje CZone Womens Mittens
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Hestra Ergo Grip Active 5 Finger
Hestra Leather Fall Line Ski
Hestra Hand
Hestra Hestra Hand Cuffs
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Hestra Army Leather GTX XCR 3 Finger
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Hestra Leather Balm-One
Hestra Wakayama Ski
Hestra Army Leather GTX XCR Gloves-7-Black / Black-aussieskier.comHestra Army Leather GTX XCR Gloves-7-Black /
Hestra Leather Fall Line Ski
Hestra Army Leather GTX XCR Mittens-6-Black /


The Swedish glove company Hestra is named after the small town where its industry leading products are manufactured. The fourth-generation family business prides itself exceptional quality products with a personal touch to the manufacturing process.

To Hestra, glove making is an art form and the rest of us can revel in the impressive functionality they offer. For us, Hestra’s main claim to fame is their lineup of alpine gloves, designed for skiers, snowboarders and other outdoorsy folk.

You’ll discover a wide range of glove styles designed for specific activities from Hestra. Their glove offerings include alpine gloves and mittens, junior gloves, men's and women's gloves and a ton more.

Some of the most popular styles include the CZone powder glove for women, the Army Leather GTX gloves for men, the Army Leather GTX mitten for severe cold weather or prolonged exposure, and the Army Leather Short for outstanding protection but improved dexterity.

All of Hestra’s gloves feature industry-leading construction materials and exceptional reinforcement for durability and longevity. They also include advanced features, such as Gore-Tex linings to ensure breathability and moisture wicking.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes for an afternoon of fun, or you’re venturing into the backcountry for an extensive trekking expedition, Hestra has a pair of gloves to keep you warm and protected.

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