The official supplier of the Australian Winter Olympic team, as well as the New Zealand and Danish ski teams, XTM Performance was founded by three of the most influential individuals in Australia’s winter sports scene.

By 2002, the company had grown significantly, and soon moved to international sales. Today, XTM Performance designs and manufactures cutting-edge ski and snowboarding gear, and is committed to protecting the environment while upholding their social responsibility.

You’ll discover a host of cold-weather wear available from XTM for every member of the team or the family. From the stylish Jordan beanie for men, or the Hannah beanie for women, to the Saxon Puffer jacket and vest, and the BC Shell jacket, there’s something available to keep you warm and protected from the elements, while ensuring that you have the flexibility and range of movement needed to really compete. Each item is designed not only for warmth and protection, but also with the best of modern style.

You’ll also find a number of footwear options, including ski boots and boot chains to help ensure that you have safe, stable footing on the powder or ice. Thick padded gloves, merino wool base layers and undergarments, and many other options are also available.