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Mons Royale

The ultimate ski base layer and active-wear that doesn't smell! 

SUPER SOFT - Merino feels super-luxe next to the skin – much softer than traditional wool. That’s because the fibres in merino are finer and won’t itch. 

ANTI-ODOUR PROTECTION - Merino has natural anti-bacterial properties which resist the build up of odours. Its complex chemical structure locks the odour molecules within the fibre and only releases them on washing, so it won’t stink at aprés ski drinks, and it can last for days before you do need to wash it.

REGULATES TEMPERATURE - Merino fibre has a natural crimp 
which provides Merino garments with superior insulation and breathability. Merino garments protect the wearer from extremes of temperature, keeping the wearer warm when the outside temperature is cold, yet cool when the temperature is hot.

ULTRA BREATHABLE - Merino has a natural ability to wick away moisture produced when you’re working hard. This this helps to regulate your temperature and stop you from feeling clammy keeping you warm and comfortable.

If you’re not sure about sizing or styles, give us a call – 03 9111 2669 or  email us. We're happy to give you some expert advice to make sure you're ready to ride. 

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