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Deep pow days are what we all dream of, and floating on a specialised powder ski will ensure you have the best ski days of your life out there in the white room
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Heading to Japan, you lucky thing? Or just looking for the best possible skis for those uber-deep powder days? You've come to the right place! Nothing beats a fat, floaty powder ski for making the most of the best skiing days of your life. We stock a range of the very best powder skis around.

If you want the widest platform for bottomless days or even for a Cat-Skiing trip, check out the Black Crows Nocta. Its generous waist width and heavily rockered design will keep you afloat no matter how deep it gets out there, or if you need something narrower for shredding around Australia, the Line Sir Francis Bacon has long been a favourite of ours at the shop.

For the Ladies, the Black Crows Atris Birdie is a great do it all option. Wide enough to provide a ton of float, stiff enough for charging and rockered enough for making short neat turns. It's a perfect balance for a women's powder ski that anyone can jump on in soft snow and have a great time.

If you plan on trudging through a metre of fresh snow to earn your turns, check out the Atomic Bent Chetler 120. It is one of the lightest powder skis around for this kind of adventure.

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Black Crows Nocta Powder Skis
Black Crows Black Crows Nocta Powder Skis 2022
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Line Bacon 108 Skis
Line Skis Line Bacon 108 Skis 2024
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Atomic Bent 110 Skis
Atomic Atomic Bent 110 Skis 2025
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Rossignol Sender 104 Ti
Rossignol Rossignol Sender 104 Ti Skis
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K2 Mindbender 106C Skis
K2 Skis K2 Mindbender 106C Skis 2025
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Line Sakana Skis
Line Skis Line Sakana Skis 2025
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Line Pescado Powder Skis
Line Skis Line Pescado Powder Skis 2024
$1,239.99 $1,549.99
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