Founded in 1933, Pomoca is the world leading manufacturer of ski touring skins
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Founded in 1933, Swiss label Pomoca is a world leading manufacturer of ski touring skins.

A favourite of the staff here at aussieskier, these skins perform consistently well to ensure you have a great day out exploring the back country.

eco conscious commitments from Pomoca also set them apart as an industry leader. Since 2020, all POMOCA ski touring skins are PFC-free, which is a huge achievement in the climbing skins market. With this change, POMOCA goes beyond the most stringent national regulations on textile treatments and leads the way for an eco-friendly skin.

The Dufour family’s history has been linked to tourism and winter sports since as early as 1870. Louis Dufour, a hotelier in Avants, Switzerland, was the first to use skis in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The family also organised skiing and bobsledding competitions for the prestigious hosts of Montreux, Switzerland.

In the 1930s Louis’ son, Éric, an engineer and avid ski touring fan, developed and marketed a canvas rescue sled. Thanks to its skis and poles, the “Gaillard-Dufour” sled was able to transport injured people. Alongside his father, Éric developed the production of non-slip skins, and later adhesive skins, as well as many other mountain accessories. Around 1941, the Dufour company successfully launched rubber sole production for city and mountain shoes. Assisted by his wife, Antoinette, Éric managed the company until 1988.

In 1996 their son, Guy, took up the torch. His expert knowledge of rubber gives POMOCA skins their unparalleled waterproofing. In 2011, POMOCA joined the OBERALP group, turning a new page in its history and facing new challenges.

For more than 80 years, thanks to the quality of its products and technological innovations, Swiss label POMOCA has established itself as the undisputed worldwide specialist in climbing skins. Resolutely focused on progress, POMOCA constantly develops new products "something that goes hand in hand with ist ambitious and innovative concept" in order to satisfy and delight ski mountaineering enthusiasts.

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