Avalanche Safety

When skiing off-piste, there’s always the risk of an avalanche. It’s imperative that you ski with an avalanche transceiver – also known as an avalanche beacon, and a shovel & probe.

There are a wide range of avalanche safety products available. Pieps offers a DSP sport set, with a wide range of tools to help you escape an avalanche. The shovel is wide and deep, helping to get snow out of the way as fast as possible. The probe is an essential and often life-saving part of the kit, and should be carried with a skier at all times. The beacon is a great escape for any kind of danger, sending a signal out for help if you find yourself stuck after a dangerous snowfall.

Avalanche safety essentials must be equipped by every skier. Take a probe and a shovel with you in your backpack as you traverse the heavy slopes – and especially if you are interested in traveling the backcountry. Out in the open, under cold weather conditions, safety is vital!