Mountain Flow Eco Wax

Mountain Flow Eco Wax

Mountain Flow Eco Wax are a company changing the wax industry as we speak. They have produced a full range of ski wax & care accessories for skis without the use of petroleum. Their formula is based on oils derived directly from plants and offers comparable performance.

If you are the type of person that Hot waxes their skis, Mountain Flow's Hot wax option is perfect. These can be used as both a storage wax & a typical wax for daily skiing.

If getting the Iron out is too much for you, Mountain Flow's Quick wax will give you a burst of speed in seconds. A simple up and down the length of your ski will increase your glide & prevent our grippy slush from sending you over the bars.

Backcountry people will love the Mountain Flow Skin Wax that stops snow & water from penetrating your skins and slowing you down.

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