Ski Boot Accessories

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Sidas Thermo CRT Custom Ski Boot Liner-aussieskier.comSidas Thermo CRT Custom Ski Boot
Sidas IPS C
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Sidas Drywarmer Pro USB Boot Dryer-aussieskier.comSidas Drywarmer Pro USB Boot
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Sidas Dryflow Mini USB Ski Boot Dryer-aussieskier.comSidas Dryflow Mini USB Ski Boot
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Masterfit Booster Strap-World Cup-aussieskier.comMasterfit Booster Strap-Race/
Masterfit Masterfit Booster Strap
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Atomic Professional Dual Strap -
Sidas Gel Shin Protecter XL-aussieskier.comSidas Gel Shin Protecter
Koralp Wall Mounted Boot
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Sidas Ski Boot Traction-aussieskier.comSidas Ski Boot
Sidas Sidas Ski Boot Traction
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Tecnica Mach 1 Replacement Sole
Sidas Gel Ankle Protector-aussieskier.comSidas Gel Ankle
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Masterfit The Eliminator
Tecnica Cochise / Zero G Replacement Sole

Ski Boot Accessories

Ski Boots accessories are here to help make your time on the slopes better. Whether it's by increasing comfort, performance, or just making life easier.

Sidas offer accessories like the Sidas Drywarmer to warm and dry your ski boots after skiing. Sore shins or poor fitting boots? Check out the Sidas Gel Shin Protector or Masterfit Shin Eliminator. If your feet ache whilst skiing maybe you need a volume reducer or Prefabricated Insole to help support your arch. If you've ever struggled to walk in ski boots, the Ski Boot Walk Traction from Sidas will sort you right out.


Get in touch if you have boot pains and want some expert advice on how to sort them out. 

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