We take our ski travel seriously, and know that you do too. With airline weight limits lower than ever before, we only stock the best-of-the-best light-weight and smart luggage to make your next trip as effortless as possible.

No skier is complete without a good, durable, well-fitting snow bag. There are a variety of sporty bags and kits available to help you pack the items you need the most. Remembering how many items are essential to have on your person when you go skiing will help you determine what you need in a good snow bag.

Most good bags double as backpacks, and can be carried on the back during even the most intense ski hikes or slope surfs. Bags are heavily insulated, keeping the items inside dry and warm. The thick fabrics and tough seams protect against harsh weather conditions, making them almost indestructible. You can carry extra gear as well as essential avalanche escape kits safely in your bag as you travel along a backcountry mountain.

Not all bags have to be big – there are plenty of sporty and durable backpacks and even side bags that can get the job done as well. Brands like Dakine and Salomon offer slimmer packs to hold the items you value most, without weighing you down or proving too cumbersome as you trek through some truly intense parts of the wilderness.

Bags are important to any snow adventurer’s trip, and can be the difference between a comfortable day and an uncomfortable one.

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