Nikwax is the leading name in ski gear care. Nikwax technical detergents clean and re-waterproof your expensive ski gear whilst remaining gentle and environmentally friendly.
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Nikwax Tech Wash + TX Direct Wash-in Waterproofer Package -
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Nikwax Down Wash + Down Proof Waterproofer Package - 300ml-Nikwax Down
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Nikwax Tech Wash + TX Direct Spray-On Waterproofer Package-Nikwax Spray-On
Nikwax Down Wash Direct -
Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In Waterproofer -
Nikwax Down Proof Waterproofer -
Nikwax Down Wash Direct -
Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather -
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Nikwax Tech Wash + TX Direct Wash-in Waterproofer Package - 300ml-Nikwax Wash-In


Nikwax is the leading name in technical detergents for cleaning & re-proofing your ski & snowboard gear. They have been leading the charge for 40 years and are now synonymous with garment and footwear care products.

Taking care of your gear is important, both from a longevity point of view, but also performance. A dirty jacket will not keep you nearly as dry as a clean one & cleaning with a technical cleaner, such as Tech Wash, will not leave detergent residues that impede the performance of your gear.

The Nikwax range is simple, Green bottles indicate that product is for the cleaning of your gear, Purple are for proofing. Often times you will want to clean your gear before you proof it, hence we sell them in packs with both the Wash & an appropriate proofing product.

Nikwax's TX Direct is the leading re-waterproofer for all Waterproof & Breathable garments, including ski gear. It comes in two forms, the Wash-in & Spray-On. Deciding which is appropriate for your gear is simple, if you garment has a lining or insulation use the Spray on. Most Ski Jackets fall in this category, unless they are lightweight shell type jackets. For any rain wear that doesn't have a lining, the Wash In gives you a more uniform spread of Proofer. If you are unsure, call us or use the Spray on.

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