Founded in Austria in 1955, Atomic Skishas grown into a global brand renowned for designing and manufacturing a wide range of ski styles and gear, including alpine skis. What began as just four employees crafting about 40 pairs of skis per year has grown into a true powerhouse, with an estimated production of 600,000 pairs of skis annually.

In addition to alpine skis, Atomic also manufactures touring skis, as well as Nordic/cross country skis, and a wide range of skiwear for men and women (note that Atomic does manufacture children’s skis and clothing). The company also pioneered the Bionic System, as well as HY-Vitronic construction. The LiveFit® system also offers a ski boot that automatically adjusts to your foot shape.

Perhaps its best-known line of skis today is the Vantage all-mountain series, which includes the Vantage 90 CTi, and Vantage 100 Cti, all of which are designed for the demands of racing. Other options include the Affinity series, the Redster series, Nomad series, and Backland series. The Cloud Nine and Cloud Seven are perfect womens skis.

Ready to take on the slopes? You’ll find exactly what you need from Atomic Skis, whether that’s a new pair of skis and ski boots, clothing, or something else.