Made to Shred. The Oakley Snow range is full of striking styles backed by the best quality optics and fabrics around.


Oakley are the global leader in sports eyewear and are ubiquitous with quality lenses and performance in ski goggles and sunglasses. Watch any professional sport done outdoors and you are bound to see some (if not all) of the athletes rocking Oakley sunglasses or goggles.

In 2014 Oakley launched Prizm, the most innovative Lens technology that is now universal in all mid-high end Goggles and Glasses and is widely mimicked in many other brands. These lenses provide the wearer with more contrast without introducing glare and do so by modifying which light bands they enhance specific to the activity.

Snow Prizm lenses that are found in all ski goggles and many snow specific sunglasses enhance more light and definition in Blue hues which are important for differentiating snow types and gaining contrast in low light conditions. This enables users to use a darker lens and gain glare blocking benefits whilst still being able to see in incredibly low light conditions.

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