ZipFit make the best ski boot liners in the world. Ones that can be modified extensively, get more comfortable with time and last a lifetime. What more could you want?


Zipfit are the makers of the world's best ski boot liners. The Liners are handmade in Montebelluna, Italy, the Home of Ski Boots. ZipFit tarted by the mastermind of all Modern Race ski boots, Raichle Flexons, Foam injected liners, and Superfeet footbeds: Sven Coomer. Sven is still involved after 60+ years in the industry and continues to this day designing liners for ZipFit.

ZipFit's difference is in the OMFit Cork. Traditional Ski Boot Liners made from Foam will ultimately pack out and get sloppy after 100-150 Days of use. The Cork found within ZipFit's liners is doesn't compress, but rather migrates from places of high pressure to places of lower pressure. Meaning your ski boots will still 'break in' and get more comfortable over time but once dialled, they will remain that way for many hundreds or even thousands of ski days. 

The OMFit Cork material can also be added or removed from the liner. If the boots feel a bit sloppy after the cork settles into place, we can top it up with a bit more to ensure ultimate foot hold within your boots. Alternatively if they still give a bit too much pressure in certain areas, pulling some of the OMFit Cork out is a quick and easy process.

The price of a pair of ZipFits reflects the labor of ZipFit's master boot makers, the cost of premium materials, and a construction that has no planned obsolescence. The value of a pair of ZipFits improves with every day of skiing in comfortable boots. Skiers who ski in ZipFits say it best.

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