Ski Bags

While there are many types of bags available for snow adventures, ski bags in particular are a necessary part of any ski traveler’s repertoire. Ski bags are typically long, thin, and durable, helping to hold important items like ski poles as well as the skis themselves.

If you have a long day of trekking up a mountain ahead of you, or even if you are preparing to take a ski lift up to your favorite resort, you’ll want to have ski bags handy to hold all of your essential ski items in one handy bag. The insulated layers of fabric help keep your items safe, and the bag itself is protected from water and other harsh weather conditions.

Many snow gear brands offer ski bags that are foldable or reversible, allowing you to easily and safely pack your bag away in a non-intrusive location when you aren’t using it. Having a good ski bag is important to the functionality and ease of your ski trip, and your body will thank you after the fact.

Ski bags can even come with wheels to help you pull your skis and poles along if you’re traversing dry land. Equip a strap over your shoulder and hitch a ride on a ski lift while knowing that all of your gear is in one safe and convenient location.