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XTM Double Ski
XTM XTM Double Ski Bag
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Elan 1P Ski
Elan Elan 1P Ski Bag
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Db The Djärv Ski Bag-Black Out-aussieskier.comDb The Djärv Ski
Db Db The Djärv Ski Bag
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Dakine High Roller Ski & Snowboard Bag-165cm-Black-aussieskier.comDakine High Roller Ski & Snowboard
Dakine Fall Line Double Ski / Snowboard Bag-aussieskier.comDakine Fall Line Double Ski / Snowboard
XTM Single Ski
XTM XTM Single Ski Bag
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Dakine Fall Line DLX Double Ski & Snowboard Bag-175cm-Black Coated-aussieskier.comDakine Fall Line DLX Double Ski & Snowboard Bag-175cm-Olive Ash
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Black Crows Sacus Ski
Black Crows Black Crows Sacus Ski Bag
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Db The Lätt Single Foldable Wheeled Ski Bag-Black Out-aussieskier.comDb The Lätt Single Foldable Wheeled Ski Bag-Black

Ski Bags

We are pretty serious about travelling for skiing here at Aussieskier, really most Australian Skiers are. Skiing in Australia is fun and all but nothing compares to the wonders available in the Northern Hemisphere. Over the last 20 years of skiing overseas, we have tested every combination of ski bag and other luggage combination possible and definitely have a tip or trick up our sleeves.

On the Ski Bag front, there are a handful of things to consider. What type of travelling you are doing, a week in Japan needs to be packed for differently to a season in Europe. If you are packing skis for you and a partner, or even kids a big ski bag to handle all the skis might be the trick.

The Douchebag has really revolutionised the modern Ski Bag. With compressible design, a hookup system that works a treat, a lightweight but durable construction, and of course wheels, there is no wonder it is the best ski bag in our eyes.

Dakine Ski Bags are some of the most popular on the market due to their sheer size and impressive durability. It's pretty common to have people using their Dakine Ski Bags for over 10 years! The Fall Line is a great option for travelling overseas. All the necessary features and nothing more! The Low Roller (whilst technically a Snowboard Bag) is exactly the same as a Fall Line but smaller. For those only carrying 165cm skis and below, don't get put off by the fact its a snowboard bag. 


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