Carving Skis

If you’re enthusiastic about the groomed trail, carving skis are your perfect tools of the trade. These special skis are designed with the traveled road in mind, helping you gain the best efficiency, speed, and flexibility on the hard-packed trails.

Carving skis can be great for beginners, or for those who are looking to follow pre-made trails. Even experts want to get their hands on these skis, as they can perform well in a variety of terrain locations.

Carving skis are designed with more width in the front and rear ends, and a thinner middle core to help skiers get used to the way it feels to glide across the snow. Carving skis are designed to give you more control over the snow, helping to “carve” your path and make your mark on your favorite beautiful mountain. These flexible skis often come with intricate and streamlined bindings, helping your feet to feel like they were meant to be placed on skis.

For maximum floating and gliding capacity, the Salomon QST 85 is a popular pick. The solid wood core and narrow shape offer the ultimate go-time, and can also be taken on paths with fresh snow as well. For the best range of usability and control, carving skis are the way to go.