Part of the Burton Snowboards family, Anon Optics focuses on designing and manufacturing goggles, lenses, helmets and other accessories for skiers and snowboarders that deliver outstanding performance and protection, coupled with the best of modern style and design.

Anon Optics has been instrumental in introducing new technology to make winter sports safer, including the development of a unique fog management system that uses full perimeter venting, as well as designs that provide unobstructed viewing for wearers, magnetic facemask systems, and goggles that fit comfortably over prescription glasses.

One of the most interesting developments from Anon Optics is the Magna-Tech system used to secure lenses to frames. The company uses rare earth magnets (up to nine, depending on the style) to ensure a seamless seal between the lens and the underlying frame for industry-best retention at all times.

Skiers and snowboarders will love the range of colors and color combinations available, which allows them to highlight their individuality through style, while still ensuring outstanding vision protection while on the slopes.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes for the first time, or you’re a seasoned veteran, Anon Optics offers protective gear that you’ll love to wear.