BCA is a company that excels in promoting the accessibility of the Backcountry. By creating the best safety and accessibility products they allow a huge range of users to explore the backcountry safely.

BCA designs and manufactures a broad range of gear to help the safety of skiers and snowboarders. Ranging from Backpacks to Avalanche Beacons and Airbags. The BCA Tracker series of Avalanche beacons has been the benchmark for reliability and safety for a number of years.

The Tracker beacon series consists of several units, all of which are designed for ease of use and reliability in the field. The BCA Tracker 2 offers a real-time display, a triple receiver antenna and a simple mechanical search/transmit button. It’s also thin enough to be carried in a pocket relatively easily. The BCA Tracker 3 builds on the Tracker 2’s success and comes in an even smaller form. It also includes signal suppression and “big picture” mode for multiple victim searches.

Don’t take chances on the slopes. Avalanches can strike anywhere. You deserve the protection that BCA can deliver.