Skiing and snowboarding can be amazing pursuits, but they also carry with them an element of danger. BCA (Backcountry Access) understands this intrinsically. The company was built from the ground up to deliver safety solutions, and develop products that protect and save lives.

BCA designs and manufactures a broad range of safety solutions for skiers and snowboarders, extending from scepter poles to inflatable avalanche airbags, radios, body armor and search and rescue gear. Perhaps the most important product for winter sports enthusiasts, though, is the BCA Tracker Avalanche Beacon.

The Tracker beacon series consists of several units, all of which are designed for ease of use and reliability in the field. The BCA Tracker2 offers a real-time display, a triple receiver antenna and a simple mechanical search/transmit button. It’s also thin enough to be carried in a pocket relatively easily. The BCA Tracker3 builds on the Tracker2’s success, and comes in an even smaller form factor. It also includes signal suppression and “big picture” mode for multiple victim searches.

Don’t take chances on the slopes. Avalanches can strike anywhere. You deserve the protection that only BCA can deliver with the Tracker avalanche tracking system.