Ski Bindings

Ski Bindings are your connection point between boot and ski. Having them set up correctly for your height, weight and skiing style will keep you locked in when needed and releasing safely in a fall. We have bindings for alpine skiing, as well as various touring options available.
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Fritschi Xenic 10 Alpine Touring Bindings-Brakeless-aussieskier.comFritschi Xenic 10 Alpine Touring
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ATK Release 10 Alpine Touring
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ATK Haute Route 2.0 Alpine Touring Bindings-aussieskier.comATK Haute Route 2.0 Alpine Touring
Marker Squire 10
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G3 Zed 9 Alpine Touring Ski
G3 G3 Zed 9 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings
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Atomic Shift MNC 13 Alpine Touring Bindings-Black /
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Marker Free 7 Junior
Marker Tour F10 Alpine Touring Binding-Small (265mm - 325mm)-Black /
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ATK Crest 10 Alpine Touring Bindings-97mm-aussieskier.comATK Crest 10 Alpine Touring
Elan Attack 11 GW Ski
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Look Pivot 12 GW Ski
ATK FR14 Alpine Touring Bindings-108mm-aussieskier.comATK FR14 Alpine Touring

Ski Bindings

Ski Bindings are your sole connection point between boot and ski. They aim to keep you in when you want to be in and release if you take a tumble. This release mechanism is the main reason for picking the right bindings. Too tight and your knees could be severely injured, to loose and you might lose a ski in a high consequence zone.

Ski Bindings should be fixed to your skis by a reputable ski shop and any changes to them should be completed by a ski technician to save you from injuring yourself.

Marker has owned the ski binding market in Australia for a number of years, The Marker Griffon is a great all-around binding for guys and more aggressive girls, and the Marker Squire is a lightweight, high-performance binding for the ladies or teenage guys.

Alpine Touring bindings have seen a huge transformation in the last few years, with safer and burlier pin bindings coming out and lighter weight frame bindings as well. Check out the G3 Zed full tech binding, perfect for those missions up Mt Bogong. New for 2018/2019, the Fritschi Tecton and Salomon Shift open more new doors in the Alpine Touring world but flouting alpine performance in a tech toed touring binding.

We've got bindings to suit all of your ski needs - kids, alpine, alpine touring. If you’re not sure, give us a call – 03 9111 2669 or email us. We're happy to give you some expert advice to make sure you get your rig right.

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